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Horse Ulcers

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  1. 30 Day Gastric Ulcer and HindGut Treatment Pack

    30 Day Gastric Ulcer and Hindgut Treatment Pack

    Bundle features 30 day treatment of AbPrazole (Omeprazole) and AbSucralfate (Sucralfate) granules for a horse weighing up to 600kg (1320lb)

    • AbPrazole: Once-a-day dose of 3 sachets/scoops x 30 days
    • AbSucralfate: Twice daily dose of 3 sachets/scoops (6 sachets per day) x 30 days

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  2. AbSucralfate™


    AbSucralfate™(Sucralfate), easy-to-feed, pre-measured doses of flavourless green, film coated granules of sucralfate, for the relief of symptoms of equine gastric and hindgut ulcers.
    Sucralfate is an aluminum salt of sucrose which is not absorbed or metabolized in the body.
    Sucralfate works by coating the stomach and small intestine with a protective layer. It allows the body to heal equine glandular gastric ulcer syndrome (EGGUS) and equine squameous gastric ulcer syndrome (ESGUS*) non glandular. It has also been known to be useful for treating hindgut ulcers occurring in right dorsal colitis (RDC).
    AbSucralfate can also be used as a preventative measure for horses prone to ulcers. Precautionary treatment can be used for travel, times of high stress, feed changes or with ulcers associated with use of NSAIDs.
    Each sachet of AbSucralfate contains 5.0g of Sucralfate. 1 sachet per 175kg (385lb) Each dose of AbSucralfate is effective for 6 to 8 hours.
      What to expect:
    • Your horse will experience immediate relief after being treated with sucralfate.
    • You will see noticeable results in 3 - 7 days.
    • For best results, treat for up to 28days and then continue with the maintenance dose.
    Learn More Expiry Date: Jun 30, 2021
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  3. AbSucralfate™

    AbSucralfate™ Bulk Pack

    AbSucralfate™(Sucralfate), easy-to-feed, equal to 60 single sachets, pre-measured doses of flavourless green, film coated granules of sucralfate, for the relief of symptoms of equin e ulcers.

    Learn More Expiry Date: Aug 31, 2021
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  4. AbActive™


    AbActive™ probiotic (Probiotic B. coagulans) helps restore natural intestinal flora, leading to more rapid recovery and better nutrient absorption, easy-to-feed once a day dosages of flavorless blue, enteric coated granules.

    Learn More Expiry Date: Feb 28, 2020
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