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  1. AbWormer Bundle Pack

    AbWormer Bundle Pack

    AbWormer Bundle Pack contains essential equine dewormers. Each bundle pack contains two (10) single sachets of granulated dewormers + twenty (20) single sachets of very powerful equine probiotics.

    • Ten (10) sachets of AbIver™ (Ivermectin)
    • Ten (10) sachets of AbIver Plus™ (Ivermectin and Praziquantel)
    • Ten (10) sachets of AbFen™ (Fenbenzadole)
    • Twenty (20) sachets of AbActive™ (Probiotic B. coagulans)

    Dewormer and Probiotic Bundle

    Learn More Expiry Date: Apr 30, 2021
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  2. AbFen™


    AbFen™ (Fenbendazole) is an equine dewormer formulated to treat parasites that can damage a horse’s gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts of easy-to-measure, easy-to-feed, flavourless, orange coloured, film coated granules.

    AbFen Equine Dewormer with Fenbendazole

    Learn More Expiry Date: Jan 31, 2023
      per sachet

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  3. AbIver Plus™

    AbIver Plus™

    AbIver Plus™ (Ivermectin | Praziquantel) is a broad spectrum dewormer for treatment of equine parasites and bots, containing both Ivermectin and Praziquantel in easy-to-measure, easy-to-feed dosages of flavorless aqua coloured, film coated granules

    AbIver Plus Equine Dewormer with Ivermectin & Praziquantel

    Learn More Expiry Date: Sep 30, 2021
      per sachet

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3 Item(s)

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