Enteric coating Protects the medication

Omeprazole is acid labile. In other words it gets broken down in the acid of the horses stomach. Enteric coated omeprazole ensures that the active ingredient is protected on its journey to the intestines. Where under neutral conditions is dissolves rapidly and absorbed into the blood.

How enteric coated omeprazole works

The meaning of enteric is relating or affecting the intestines. Therefore enteric coated omeprazole is designed to pass through the stomach unaltered and disintegrate in the intestines. In other words the coating remains stable in the acidic environment of the stomach. After that is dissolves in the neutral area of the intestines.

The coating remains stable in the horse's stomach but breaks down when it enters the less acidic environment of the small intestine.

Once absorbed, omeprazole limits the production of stomach acid. Consequently allowing the gastric ulcers to heal.

The benefits of treating with enteric coated omeprazole:

  • It wont dissolve straight away in wet feed. However, we recommend you sprinkle it on top of a damp (not  'slushy')  feed - right before feeding.
  • Enteric coating is tasteless which is great news for fussy horses.
  • Enteric coating ensures the active ingredient reaches the affected area.