Before treatment with Abgard

Gastroscope - Dressage - Austrian Warmblood Sport Horse - Rosarion

This gastroscope shows the regions of the horses stomach and lesions. A horses stomach is divided into 2 regions, separated by a band called the margo plicatus.
The pink area as filmed is the lower two-thirds of the stomach known as the glandular portion, as its lined with glands that secrete gastric juices helping protect the mucosal lining. The white area as shown is the upper “non-glandular”region of the stomach, above the margo plicatus, thus more vulnable to ulcers.

Lesions are the result of increased acid exposure, which explains why most equine gastric ulcers are formed in the upper third of the stomach, right above the margo plicatus. Sport horses are likely to have a higher rate of Ulceration.

Symptons of Ulcers:

  • Poor Appetite
  • Attitude and Behaviour Changes
  • Discomfort - girthiness
  • Difficult under saddle

After treatment with Abprazole paste

Post treatment with Omeprazole AbPrazole oral paste shows a much clearer stomach.

Veterinarian Testing and Results - Credit to: Dr Stadler, Tillysburg Equine Clinic, Austria