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Referral Program

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Refer a friend be rewarded

All Abler registered customers can earn store credits through our 'Refer a Friend' Referral Program.

If you have used an Abler product that has helped your horse, tell your friends and when they buy the product you earn store credits that you can use on your future orders. It is so easy.

As a registered customer you are automatically assigned a unique referral URL link. Include this Personal Referral Link when you email your friend or share a post on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or your own website if you have one.

If your friend uses the link and subsequently completes a purchase, you earn store credits based on the value of their first order. Store Credits can be used by you as part payment in the checkout process.

Referral Program

Here's how it works

  • Share your favourite Abler Product

      Share your favourite Abler products with your friends easily, by clicking on any of these social media icons which are displayed on every product page.
      • Share and Earn
      • Login and navigate to the product that you have used on your horse and wish to recommend to your friends.
      • Refer the product to your friends using any of the social media icons on the product page, where it says 'Share and Earn'.
      • Click on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Email icon to share the product in a post. Tell your friends to click on the link to view the product.
      • If your friend uses the link and subsequently makes a purchase, you earn Store Credits and your friend receives a Referral Discount on their first purchase. See details below
  • Share your Personal Referral Link

  • Share your Coupon Code

Start referring and earning today!

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