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  • Write a Review

    Write a Review and Earn Points

    At Abler we love to hear our customer’s feedback about our products and how they helped their horse. By writing a product review about your experience with our products we can share this information with other customers to help them make a decision about purchasing Abler products.

    Reviews are not edited. We welcome all relevant information about the circumstance that lead you to purchase from Abler and the outcome for you and your horse.

    • By writing a product review you will earn 10 Abler Points.
    • Reviews must be approved for publication before points are added to your account.
    • It is Easy ... Just follow these steps:

      • Go to the product page of the product you wish to review.
      • Click on the Reviews link.
      • Write your Review in the form displayed.
      • Click on Submit. You can also copy your review to the Facebook Comment section as well. Once your review is approved for publication, you will receive your Abler Points to your account

    Conditions: 1 Review per product shipped

  • Create a Video Review

    Record a Video Review and Earn Points

    Product review videos are now the most popular way to share information about products. A product review video about how the Abler product you used which helped your horse will assist the horse community to make a more informed decision about purchasing the correct Abler product for their situation. Get filming and create a product review video and submit it to Abler and we will reward you with 100 Abler Points.

    • Record your video on your smartphone or camera, upload it to YouTube™ from your Computer , Android or iPhone device and send the link to jane.starr@abler.com including in your email the following:
      • Your name and your horse's name
      • The email address for your Abler account (so we know which account to award the points to)
      • Any comments about the product, treatment and success.

      Terms and Conditions

      • Entries close 30 April 2017
      • Only approved videos will be awarded points
      • You agree to allow Abler to use your video on their websites

    Conditions: 1 Review per product shipped

  • Loyalty Program

    Loyalty program

    Abler Points Loyalty Program offers all of our registered customers reward points for each of their purchases as well as reward points for their active engagement with us. Abler Points can be redeemed purchases as part payment in the checkout process. Find out how you can earn points.

    Offer: Earn Abler Points

  • Referral Program

    Loyalty program

    Registered customers with Abler are automatically eligible to join our Refer a Friend Referral Program, and once signed up, are assigned a unique referral URL to use in shared emails and posts in social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter or on their own websites if they have one. If your friend uses the link and subsequently completes a purchase, you earn a commission in Store Credits based on the value of their first order. Store Credits can be used by you part payment in the checkout process. Find out how you can share and earn store credits.

    Offer: Share and Earn Store Credits

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